Q:  Can I have the ceremony on-site?

A:   Absolutely!  There is no extra fee for having your ceremony on-site.

Q:  What is your maximum capacity?
A:   The barn interior is approximately 2,200 square feet with a seated capacity of 150, this does vary based on the type of reception you desire.

Q:  What if it rains on my wedding day?
A:   Renting a tent will be your best option.

Q:  You have a barn, what is the restroom situation?
A:   Just off the main hall are two restrooms for you and your guests to use.

Q:  Is there an event coordinator or wedding planner on staff?

A:   Unfortunately, we do not offer in-house event or wedding planning services.  A "day-of" coordinator from our pre-approved list is required of all events on the farm.

Q:  Do we need to hire a caterer?

A:   Yes, a licensed & insured full-service caterer is required.

Q:  What do you mean by "full-service" caterers?

A:   A full-service caterer will provide staff to handle your meal and beverages.  This staff will also set the building for your event then teardown after your event has concluded.

Q:  Can we use vendors that aren't on your list?

A:   Of course!  You are welcome to hire vendors who are not found on our list for most categories.  The one exception is your coordinator; he or she must be selected from our list.

Q:  What about parking?

A:   Parking is in the field adjacent to the barn.  If you are planning on serving alcohol we do recommend renting a shuttle service for everyone's convenience and safety. 

Q:  Is the barn climate controlled?

A:   The main hall of the barn does not have air conditioning but it is very well insulated; three ceiling fans help maintain a controlled temperature in warmer months.  For winter events the barn's fireplace does an excellent job of keeping the space warm.  Our kitchen and restrooms do have heaters.

Q:  What accommodations are available near the barn?
A:   The nearest hotel is the Holiday Inn Express and it's 12 miles from the barn.  There are also bed and breakfasts in the area, many of these can be found on AirbnbExplore Greene or Blue Ridge Inns.  If you want your guests to enjoy the nightlife consider contacting Megan with Marriott in Charlottesville.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most common questions from brides and event hosts.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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